Apple and Epic Games consider returning Fortnite to the App Store


Apparently in the battle between Epic Games and Apple, both were spared in federal court on the issue of reinstating the popular Fortnite game on the Apple App Store, raising antitrust arguments that could reshape a key part of the internet economy. and the way people use their smartphones today.

At the hearing, Epic exposed its allegations saying that Apple was abusing its power. Recall that the fight started last month when Epic tried to collect its own Fortnite payments without going through the App Store, thereby breaking Apple’s rules. Result: Expulsion of Fortnite from the app Store. Epic’s response: it sued Apple, thereby accusing it of violating anti-monopoly laws.

Epic argues that Apple’s reluctance to let it use its own payment system was anti-competitive and monopolistic. apple counter argued that Epic had created a “self-inflicted wound”, not complying with its payment policy. He also said that Epic had many alternative ways to distribute its games.

The judge who presided over the hearing, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ended the hearing with the recommendation of a jury trial in the case in July. In the coming days the judge must decide whether Apple should authorize Fortnite to return to its app store and support the Unreal Engine, which are Epic’s software development tools.

But this is no longer just a battle of wills, but as a scrutiny of the power of the technology giants. For months, the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, state attorney generals and House legislators have investigated the power of companies and whether they stifle competition and harm consumers.

Result: The Department of Justice is preparing a lawsuit against Google for allegations of anti-competitive search practices, while Congress is expected to publish a year-long report on antitrust investigation on major technology platforms.

This could be the beginning of something much bigger and that could really change the way the big guys have worked so far and the way we use our smartphones and iphones.

Fonte: NYTimes

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