Apucarana will have drive-thru vaccine next Saturday


The vaccination campaign against Poliomyelitis and a multivaccination campaign began on Monday. In Apucarana, vaccines from both campaigns are available from Monday to Friday at the 25 health units that have a vaccine room. Immunization will take place from 8 am to 4 pm and parents or guardians must bring their vaccination card with them.

This Saturday there will be an intensification of vaccination against polio, with the operation of three points of care in the drive-thru system. One of them will be in the parking lot of the Gymnasium of Sports Lagoão, another one in Aviação Avenue and another one next to UBS in Jardim Ponta Grossa. The National Polio Vaccination Campaign is aimed at children from 12 months to under 5 years of age. This vaccine is oral, with the application of two drops to each child.

The National Multivaccination Campaign, on the other hand, offers various types of vaccines for children and adolescents under 15 years of age, such as BCG, which prevents severe forms of tuberculosis; pentavalent, which protects against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and influenza B; human rotavirus, against diarrhea; pneumococcal 10, against pneumonia, meningitis and otitis; meningococcal C and ACWY, which prevents meningitis; triple viral, against measles, mumps and rubella; chickenpox vaccine; HPV vaccine, which prevents some types of cancer in young people; hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines and yellow fever vaccine.

VACCINATION BOOK – The strategy of both campaigns is to update the vaccination booklet for children and adolescents. “Multivaccination will be selective, since only children and adolescents who still need to complete doses will be vaccinated. The Polio vaccine, on the other hand, is indiscriminate for children over one year old and under five years old ”, informs the president of AMS, Roberto Kaneta.

According to Kaneta, Brazil is at risk of reintroducing the virus that causes polio. “Several countries already have confirmed cases of childhood paralysis within this new cycle. This causes a great deal of concern among health authorities. Infantile paralysis is a serious disease that in addition to paralysis of the limbs, especially the lower ones, also causes paralysis of the respiratory muscle. They are serious forms of this disease and the form of prevention is the vaccine ”, guides Kaneta.


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