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The Vikings series is undoubtedly one of the best known in the world, due to all the action and history shown over the various seasons. After all, thousands of fans around the world have seen this fantastic series and recommend it. However, on Netflix only 3 seasons of this series are available. In general there are 6. But… did you know that there is already a series on Netflix that replaces Vikings perfectly?

That said, this new series is called, no more, no less, than Norsemen. Which is pretty much the same thing as Vikings just showing different concepts and characters. However, will it be able to achieve the same success and popularity?

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Are you a fan of Vikings? Netflix has the perfect replacement

fã de Vikings

So, just to get a little sense of how popular this series has already become. Just take into account that Norsemen is a Norwegian production and that in that country alone it has obtained over 1 million views. Which is really amazing for a country like Norway. However, this is a production launched in 2016. But it has only just started to be talked about, and its launch in Brazil was a real fiasco.

Thus, Norsemen is now available on Netflix with 3 major seasons. And tell us the story of a group of Vikings who have a hectic life that includes looting, fraud, enslavement and even the use of violence to solve problems. Anyway, nothing that was not normal in 790 AD.

fã de Vikings

In short, if you happen to be a big fan of Vikings and are looking for a great series to replace it. Don’t forget that Norsemen is already available on Netflix with 3 beautiful seasons.

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