Argentine deputy resigns after live erotic act


An Argentine parliamentarian resigned on Friday (25), after having erotic acts live during a virtual session of the Chamber of Deputies.

Juan Emilio Ameri, Argentine center-left deputy

Photo: Twitter @juanemilioameri / Reproduction

The episode occurred on Thursday (24), while parliamentarians were discussing a government project. At a certain point, deputy Juan Ameri puts his partner on his lap, takes one of her breasts out and starts to feel and kiss him.

Ameri had been elected deputy in 2019, from the province of Salta, and belongs to the center-left coalition Frente de Todos, led by President Alberto Fernández.

Immediately after the scene starring Ameri, the representative of the Chamber, also government official Sergio Massa, announced the suspension of the parliamentarian. “I want to ask immediately for the application of Article 188 of the regulation and for immediate suspension of Deputy Juan Ameri,” he said.

With the repercussion of the scandal, the congressman presented his resignation at around 1 am on Friday, 25. “I address you to apologize for my conduct during the remote special session of September 24. It was not, in no way, my intention is lacking with respect to that honorable Chamber, to my deputies and to the people of Salta that elected me “, wrote Ameri in a letter sent to Massa.

“Aware of the responsibility that my position represents, I make available my resignation as a national deputy,” he added. The Chamber approved the abdication during the night, with 224 votes in favor, one contrary and three abstentions.

Before resigning, Ameri had tried to explain the case, saying he did not know he was online. “The connection is very bad all over the country. We were in the session, and my internet went down. My partner got out of the bath, and I asked how the prostheses were, because she had had a breast implant operation 10 days before. I I said, ‘Can I give you a kiss?’. And I gave you a kiss on the breast, it was nothing more than that, “he said. .

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