Arthur Neto says there are “lies” about Covid-19 data in Manaus


Mayor said the deaths of Covid-19 in Manaus are being classified in a false way (Photo: Mário de Oliveira / Semcom)

MANAUS – The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgílio Neto, said, this Wednesday morning, 23, that there are “lies” about the causes of deaths in Manaus and about Covid-19 data. The statement was made in a virtual session of the TCE (Court of Accounts of the State of Amazonas), in the presence of counselors and attorneys.

“The number of deaths remains high, often mystified in a very unreasonable manner by certain authorities, because hiding numbers is not good, it implies lies,” he said.

The mayor claims that the “lies” are hampering the sending of federal funds to Amazonas. “The lie even puts us away from federal resources that would come if we told the truth, that the situation is gray in Amazonas and not blue. Saying that everything is fine, then why help Amazonas? ”He said.


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