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Athletico knew they would find a boom ahead of Jorge Wilstermann, but they lacked the creativity and speed to punch it. Eduardo Barros’ team had already suffered against Bahia’s marking, despite the 1-0 victory at the time, which turns on the warning sign.

The marathon is detrimental to performance, of course, but Hurricane could – and should – produce much more against a team with several limitations. Athletico, however, abused the crosses to the area (mainly with Abner, say) and saw the defense push them away without much effort.

Pedrinho and Fabinho are not natural headers. With that, they lost practically all disputes over the top. To make matters worse, when the ball came low (after another Abner cross), Fabinho wasted one of Athletico’s best chances in the game.

Eduardo Barros said he was “very satisfied with the production, but not with the efficiency”. It is a standard statement, not least because the coach cannot say everything he thinks. But anyone knows that Athletico needs to increase the power of creation – mainly through the medium.

Athletico needs to increase the creative power for the Brasileirão and especially for the Libertadores – Photo: Conmebol

The performance against Wilstermann must have worried many fans, but there are reasons to believe. Jorginho and Ravanelli can give new ideas to the team. Renato Kayzer still won’t be able to face Peñarol, but he will be an option for the round of 16.

– I will review the game, but I am satisfied with the volume of real opportunities we have created. Faced with an opponent who closed out like Jorge Wilstermann, if we hadn’t had chances to score, I agree that I should be worried. Now, for what we produced, what concerns me was our lack of efficiency, which had not been present in previous games – defended Eduardo Barros.

Highlights of Athletico 0x0 Jorge Wilstermann, for Libertadores

The red-black commander (still acting) put Jorginho and Bissoli, and the pair wasted the best chance right away. Jorginho deflected his head, the goalkeeper rebounded, and Bissoli submitted, but the ball hit Jorginho – the referee signaled offside.

Afterwards, Eduardo Barros added Lucho González, Geuvânio and Lucas Halter, but the scenario has not changed. Athletico crossed balls until the end, and Jorge Wilstermann removed practically all. Hurricane is in the octaves, but the fan has a flea behind his ear.

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Athletico’s next game for the Libertadores will be three weeks from now, on October 20, a Tuesday. Hurricane faces Peñarol in Montevideo. Until then, the club will play five games for the Brasileirão: against Flamengo (away), Ceará (home), Inter (away), Corinthians (home) and Atlético-GO (away).

Eduardo Barros deserves to be hired as an Athletico coach?

Eduardo Barros deserves to be hired as an Athletico coach? Eduardo Barros deserves to be hired as an Athletico coach?

Athletico games table

  • Flamengo x Athletico – 04/10 – 16h – Maracanã
  • Athletico x Ceará – 08/10 – 19h – Arena da Baixada
  • Internacional x Athletico – 11/10 – 20:30 – Beira-Rio
  • Athletico x Corinthians – 10/14 – 8:30 pm – Arena da Baixada
  • Atlético-GO x Athletico – 17/10 – 19h – Olympic
  • Peñarol x Athletico – 10/20 – 9:30 PM – Champion of the Century
  • Athletico x Grêmio – 25/10 – 18h15 – Arena da Baixada


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