Atltico reaches 10 consecutive victories as principal and makes Mineiro resume ‘home’ status


Last Saturday, managers, sponsors and supporters of the Atlantic celebrated a historic date: the laying of the cornerstone of the MRV Arena, which is due to open in 2022. While the much dreamed stadium is not ready, the alvinegro team has re-approached an old “home”: the Miner.

In 2019, the Giant of Pampulha was the scene of repeated frustrations from the Atlantic, such as the defeat in the first leg of the Minas Gerais Championship final for Cruzeiro, the elimination in the semifinal of the South American Cup for Coln-ARG and setbacks for Cerro Porteo -PAR and Nacional-URU that weighed in the early fall in the group stage of the Libertadores. In 2020, the story is quite different.

In this season, Atltico played 11 times in Mineiro (ten of them as principal). There were ten victories, no draw, just a defeat, 25 goals scored and nine conceded. In the last ten matches, they have been triumphs (five for the Brazilian Championship and five for the Mineiro Championship). Finally, he won the state title on Tombense. The only revs was on February 16, for Caldense (2-1).

With coach Jorge Sampaoli, the white team did not lose points in Mineiro. After winning 3 to 1 over the Thunder that saturday, the argentine coach talked about the good record as principal.

“There is a tendency for the team here to be very strong. It tries to be in other fields as well. it is a place (Mineiro) that is also very respected by the teams that come here to play. But these are tracks that, over time, will have to be reinforced so that they are not forgotten. We have to know that we have to be at a high level of collective actions for this to be maintained over time ”, he stressed.

nico time do Brazilian championship with perfect performance at home, the Atlantic leader will be in charge of five of the eight games that remain until the end of the first round. Next to that list is Vasco. The teams alvinegros face each other next Sunday, from 20:30, in Mineiro.


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