Aurora goes against Bibi and calls Caio


The next chapters of The Power of Wanting, after meeting Bibi (Juliana Paes) on the college campus where the two met, Caio (Rodrigo Lombardi) gave a card with his contacts to the girl.

At first, it all started when Bibi talked about her life which has not been easy, but is learning to deal with everything. The girl also revealed to her ex, that her current husband is out of work and they are living in a difficult situation.

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However, when she arrived at her mother’s house, Bibi made Aurora (Elizangela) extremely excited when she revealed the meeting with the boy. She is even happier to see that the executive gave her a card, but the young woman ends up tearing it up and throwing it in the trash.

But Aurora ended up managing to put the pieces together and decided to call the boy. “I know that my daughter did not behave well with you”, she says, who soon ends up making an appointment with the boy, who was her son-in-law in the past.

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