Azul announces 3 more aircraft adapted to freighters and partnership in e-commerce


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Embraer 195 adapted for freighter

Azul announces today that it has received the necessary certifications to start operations with the first Embraer E195 jet adapted as a freighter worldwide. As we presented this Sunday morning, the first flight with the company’s new cargo aircraft took place on Saturday, September 26th.

In addition to it, Azul announces that another three other planes will be adapted for cargo transportation by the end of the year, benefiting its e-commerce customers with a unique and dedicated logistics solution. Two of the four aircraft will be dedicated to an e-commerce company for a period of at least six months.

Embraer’s four freighters join the two Boeing 737-400Fs, expanding to six the total number of aircraft exclusively dedicated to Azul Cargo Express, Azul’s cargo business unit.

The company also has five ATR model aircraft that carry passengers, but which are quickly transformed into freighters, increasing the dedicated offer. The combination of these dedicated planes with the available capacity in the passenger transport network will contribute to increase the efficiency and logistical capacity of Azul Cargo Express.

“We are very excited about the diversification of our business model provided by the adaptation of these four Embraer aircraft. The size, reach, and performance of the E195, result in the ideal combination of available capacity in terms of weight and volume, in addition to a low cost per trip, making it ideal for offering an efficient logistics service with access to the entire country ” , said John Rodgerson, CEO of Azul.

Embraer 195 Blue Cargo Plane

The airline informs that it has seen a strong increase in demand for Azul Cargo Express services and has always sought to innovate to meet customers’ needs.

“With these dedicated aircraft, the capacity we have in the largest network in Brazil, and with our partnerships, we are well positioned to meet the demand for our logistics services, especially our e-commerce customers. Our logistics solutions have the potential to transform e-commerce in Brazil ”, adds John.

Azul Linhas Aéreas official information

Receive the news on your cell phone, click to access the AEROIN channel on Telegram and our profile on Instagram.


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