Baby almost goes blind from mold on bath toy; mother warns


On her own Facebook page, a mother warned other parents after her son almost lost his sight after playing with dirty bath toys. According to The Sun, she already knew how easily mold could appear on these toys and after every bath she squeezed all the water out of them.

“I saw posts from other mothers who cut off their children’s toys and showed the absurd amount of mold inside, I knew,” said the mother-of-three. But regardless of the treatment she did with the toys, sanitizing them even with bleach, what Eden did not know was that the bacteria, always wet, would continue to grow inside them.

Earlier this year, the nanny said that Baylor, the son, had squeezed a jet of water from one of the toys directly into the eye. As he was just a little irritated and flushed, the mother was not concerned. However, when the afternoon came, the little boy’s eye was very red and his parents took him to the hospital for fear of having developed conjunctivitis. The doctors agreed with the hypothesis and recommended that they apply eye drops to the boy.

At first they didn’t worry so much and thought it was conjunctivitis (Photo: Eden Strong)

However, in the middle of the night, to apply another dose of the medicine, Eden saw that the baby’s eye was much worse. “I didn’t expect to see him in the crib with an eye twice as big as when he went to sleep and the redness spread to his cheeks,” he reported.

Concerned, the family visited another doctor, thinking it could be infectious cellulitis, in which bacteria enter the skin and spread quickly, leaving the tissue swollen and red. Again the doctor agreed with the diagnosis and prescribed antibiotics to the boy, taking the first dose at 2:30 am. At 6 am the boy woke up with his eyes so swollen that he couldn’t close them and again he went back to the hospital.

The eye got so swollen that the boy couldn’t get his eyes closed (Photo: Eden Strong)

Baylor was hot and feverish, getting there soon they checked to see if the little boy’s retina was damaged, which luckily wasn’t. “The following week was very scary, he had a severe case of cellulite, which spread over his entire face and both eyes,” recalled the mother.

“The doctors said I had a chance of my son losing sight of the worse eye, but in the end, luckily, everything was fine,” said Eden. She concluded the Facebook post by reminding us that it is not possible to see bacteria with the naked eye, as much as she thought she was ‘better’ than bath toys, it is not possible to clean them. “THROW THEM OUT!”

Fortunately Baylor was fine and did not lose his eyesight (Photo: Eden Strong)


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