Bad results compel TVI to make changes to ‘Mental Samurai’


After losing the audience to SIC in the first episodes of the new season of Mental Samurai, TVI decided to make a change for Saturday night.

Tonight, the 19th, the program ‘Mental Samurai‘leaves the 9 pm schedule and will only be broadcast at 10:30 pm. Before the contest presented by Pedro Teixeira, the Queluz de Baixo channel shows a new episode of the soap opera ‘Love Too Much‘.

In the same period, SIC will display the ‘Our Land‘by César Mourão’. At the end of the night, TVI shows the best moments of the first week of ‘Big Brother – The Revolution‘.

See the schedule:

19h57 Newspaper
21h35 Love Too Much
22h30 Mental Samurai
00h00 Big Brother: The Revolution – Week
02h00 GTI

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