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Bahia registered 850 new cases of Covid-19 and 47 deaths from the disease, in the last 24 hours, according to a bulletin released by the State Health Secretariat (Sesab), this Sunday afternoon (27).

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With the update, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the state is 306,036, and that of 6,599 deaths, which represents a lethality of 2.16%. The figures refer to the period between March, the beginning of the pandemic, and this Sunday.

Among the deaths, 55.84% occurred in males and 44.16% in females. Regarding race and color, 53.55% corresponded to brown, followed by white with 17.05%, black with 15.18%, yellow with 0.80%, indigenous with 0.12% and there is no information in 13.29% of deaths. The percentage of cases with comorbidity was 72.19%, with a higher percentage of heart and chronic diseases (75.65%).

According to Sesab, in the last 24 hours, the growth rate in the number of cases was + 0.3% and that of recovered from the disease, + 0.4%.

The deaths recorded in this Sunday’s bulletin, according to Sesab, occurred on several dates. [Veja tabela abaixo]

The epidemiological bulletin counts 47 deaths that occurred on different dates, according to the table – Photo: Sesab / Disclosure

The full newsletter is available on the Health Department website and also on a platform made available by Sesab.

The first case of the new coronavirus in Bahia was confirmed on March 6. She was a 34-year-old woman, resident of Feira de Santana, a city about 100 km from Salvador, who returned from Italy on February 25. In the European country, she had stints in Milan and Rome.

The first death of a person infected by the virus in the state occurred in March, when Bahia had 147 confirmed cases. The patient was a 74-year-old man, who was admitted to a private hospital in the capital of Bahia. He was intubated and on continuous dialysis.

In Bahia, 25,810 health professionals had a positive diagnosis for the new coronavirus. According to Sesab, they are considered 292,436 people recovered and 7,001 have the virus active and can transmit it.

For statistical purposes, the State Epidemiological Surveillance reported that it considers a patient recovered 14 days after the onset of Covid-19 symptoms. Active cases, on the other hand, are the result of the following calculation: number of total cases, less deaths, less recovered. Calculations are performed automatically.

The confirmed cases occurred in the 417 municipalities in Bahia, with a higher proportion in Salvador (28.20%).

The municipalities with the highest incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants were: Ibirataia (6,537.36), Almadina (6,350.66), Madre de Deus (5,973.55), Itabuna (5,946.36), Dário Meira (5,144.72) .

The epidemiological bulletin also records 606,371 cases discarded and 73,269 under investigation. These data represent official notifications compiled by the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance in Bahia (Cievs-BA), together with the municipal Cievs and the Ministry of Health databases until 5 pm on Sunday (27).

Bahia registers 850 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours – Photo: Disclosure / Sesab

Of the 2,295 beds available in the Unified Health System (SUS), exclusive for the new coronavirus in Bahia, 1,028 have inpatients, which represents an occupancy rate of 45%. Of the 1,027 ICU beds (adult) available in the state, 507 are occupied, which represents a rate of 49%.

In Salvador, according to Sesab, of the 1,096 active beds, 502 are occupied, which represents a 46% occupancy rate. The adult ICU beds, which account for the easing of trade in the capital of Bahia, have 42% occupancy.

With regard to nursing beds, the capital of Bahia has an occupancy rate of 46% (adult) and 59% (pediatric).

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