Bahia records 1,093 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours


In Bahia, 1,093 cases of Covid-19 (growth rate of + 0.4%) and 1,094 cured (+ 0.4%) were registered in the last 24 hours. Of the 295,303 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic, 281,445 are considered cured and 7,593 are active. The complete database of suspected, discarded, confirmed cases and deaths related to the coronavirus is available at

For statistical purposes, state epidemiological surveillance considers a patient recovered 14 days after the onset of Covid-19 symptoms. Active cases are the result of the following calculation: number of total cases, less deaths, less recovered. Calculations are performed automatically.

Confirmed cases occurred in 416 municipalities in Bahia, with a greater proportion in Salvador (28.53%). The municipalities with the highest incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants were: Ibirataia (6,367.55), Almadina (6,131.04), Madre de Deus (5,793.39), Itabuna (5,767.67), Dário Meira (5,051.35) .

The epidemiological bulletin also records 581,840 cases discarded and 69,596 under investigation. These data represent official notifications compiled by the Center for Strategic Information in Health Surveillance in Bahia (Cievs-BA), together with the municipal Cievs and the databases of the Ministry of Health until 5 pm on Sunday (20).

In Bahia, 25,147 health professionals were confirmed for Covid-19. To access the full newsletter, click here or access Business Intelligence.


Today’s epidemiological bulletin counts 44 deaths that occurred on different dates, as shown in the table below. The existence of late records and / or accumulation of cases is due to the overload of the investigation teams, as there are diseases of compulsory notification in addition to Covid-19. Another reason is the deepening of epidemiological investigations by the surveillance.

The total number of deaths by Covid-19 in Bahia since the beginning of the pandemic is 6,265, representing a lethality of 2.12%. Among the deaths, 55.90% occurred in males and 44.10% in females. Regarding race and color, 53.18% corresponded to brown, followed by white with 16.76%, black with 15.34%, yellow with 0.85%, indigenous with 0.10% and there is no information in 13.77% of deaths. The percentage of cases with comorbidity was 74.16%, with a higher percentage of heart and chronic diseases (75.94%).


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