Band closes German Super Cup and will display final with narration by Datena


The Band agreed at the beginning of the night of this Tuesday (29) the transmission of the Super Cup of Germany, that will be disputed this Wednesday (30), from 15h30, between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. To draw the public’s attention, the São Paulo broadcaster will again appeal to presenter José Luiz Datena, who returned to narrate football matches last weekend, when he was cast in a game of the Italian Championship.

Sought officially, Band confirmed the acquisition of the tournament that brings together the champion of the Bundesliga and the German Cup. The confrontation will have Datena’s narration, with comments by Neto and Rafael Oliveira.

The duel will be exclusive on Brazilian TV, a fact that may give even more audience to the São Paulo broadcaster. The other option for those who wish is the OneFootball app, which displays most German Championship games in the first and second division, starting this year.

It was OneFootball itself, which even sublicensed the rights to the Band. The match starts at 3:30 pm, and because of this, the police program “Brasil Urgente ‘, presented by Datena himself, will have an hour and a half less in duration. The attraction starts right after the end of the match, around 17:30.

Also because of this reduced schedule, Band ended up again scaling the journalist and presenter to perform this one-off match.

Last weekend, with Datena in the narration, the “Sport Show” reached 4 peak points with the game Crotone x MIlan, for the Italian Championship. It was the largest audience of the program since its relaunch, which took place on the 20th, with Glenda Kozlowski and Elia Júnior in the presentation.

Datena’s participation in the Milan game was considered a differential. Without leading a match since 2017, when he participated in the Confederations Cup that year, the presenter even apologized for not being in the best shape as a narrator. However, his performance was praised on social networks.

At the time, the Band usually scores 4 audience points. The expectation is that Bayern v Borussia score at least similar indices and achieve the vice-leadership in some moments, something that “Urgent Brazil” also usually reaches daily.


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