BCP registers greater gain in almost four months with PSI-20 rising more than 2% – Bolsa


The PSI-20 index gained 2.33% to 4,088.54 points in the session on Monday, September 28, following the gains registered in the remaining squares of the “old continent”. The national stock exchange thus registers the most significant gain since June 16 this year.

With 14 listed high, three falling and one unchanged, BCP stands out with a gain of 4.17% to 8.25 cents per share, in what was the highest daily appreciation since the beginning of June this year.

Last week, the bank led by Miguel Maya renewed historic lows for three consecutive sessions, a negative week for the entire banking sector in Europe, after the release of FinCEN Files, which exposed several allegedly illegal schemes of some of the biggest ” players “in the industry over the years.

Today, the leader of the only bank represented on the PSI-20 stock index guaranteed that it was not analyzing any joint operation with Banco Montepio, contrary to the news advanced by the weekly Expresso, on the weekend.

In addition to BCP’s gain, Galp Energia (+ 4.02%), which now trades at 8.120 euros per share and Semapa (+ 6%), rose to 7.60 euros.

CTT consummated a gain of 4.82% to 2.50 euros per share and Nos (+ 4.53%) returned to gains strongly.

In the EDP group, the parent company rose 0.24% to 4,170 euros, while EDP Renováveis ​​rose 1.47% to 13.82 euros.


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