BH City Hall publishes decree that suspends permits from schools and colleges


Only resumption in health-related schools for practical and laboratory classes is authorized

The Belo Horizonte City Hall (PBH) decreed this Thursday morning (24) the suspension of operating permits and location of educational institutions in the city. The measure applies to daycare centers, nursery schools and elementary and high schools, higher schools and vocational training centers.

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The single paragraph of the decree, however, authorizes the return to classes in health-related courses in higher education schools in Belo Horizonte for practical and laboratory classes, and also allows the return to activities in professional education institutions at technical level. The decree signed by Mayor Alexandre Kalil (PSD) and published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM) came into force immediately after publication.

The decision to suspend permits from school institutions in the capital of Minas Gerais was taken on Wednesday (23) shortly after the announcement that the State of Minas Gerais authorizes the return to classes in basic education – maternal, elementary and high school – from October 5 in municipalities covered by the Minas Consciente program green wave.

City halls in Minas expedite meetings to decide whether or not to reopen schools

It is known so far that 218 cities in Minas Gerais will be able to reopen schools on this date. However, according to the Secretary of State for Health, Carlos Eduardo Amaral, the presence of students will not be mandatory. A resumption of activities in institutions of graduation, post-graduation and free courses may happen now in municipalities that are in the yellow wave – which represents a medium level in the flexibility policy.

Understand the PBH decree

Maintaining the circulation level of the coronavirus, without increasing it, is the main argument of the Belo Horizonte City Hall to suspend permits for daycare centers, schools and higher education institutions. Through the decree, the municipality claims that the return to face-to-face classes in the capital of Minas Gerais could accelerate the transmission of the virus, impacting the safety of the elderly and people at risk involved in the school routine of children and adolescents. The first part of the decree rescues the discussion about the fact that, many times, the infection can be asymptomatic in people aged up to 19 years.

“The school environment, mostly composed of children and young people, who, due to the immunological characteristic, when they contract Covid-19, tend not to manifest symptoms or manifest mild symptoms, but that continue as vectors of transmission, being able to accelerate the circulation of pandemic ”, details the city in the decree.

The municipality also claims that the impact of the school sector on the circulation of people would affect the maintenance of social isolation, and therefore it is up to PBH to suspend to ensure the health of teachers and other employees of education spaces that would be exposed to a large number of people. students in places where distance is impossible, such as the classrooms themselves.

The Municipality of BH also defends that further discussions are carried out so that the face-to-face classes are resumed “safely for students and teachers”. As for the relationship between back to school and the release of spaces for commerce, the municipality declared: “the frequency of customers and users of the activities released are discretionary and occasional, not implying intense and prolonged contact between people”.


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