Bia Kicis is accused of racism for photo montage with Moro and Mandetta – Jornal CORREIO


Federal deputy Bia Kicis (PSL-DF) published, on her social networks, a montage with the faces of former ministers Sérgio Moro (Justice) and Luiz Henrique Mandetta (Health) painted in black, suggesting that both may seek job openings on the Magazine Luiza chain, in reference to the trainee program for blacks announced by the company.

The montage, with an aggressive tone, shows Moro’s face painted, with a wig and the message: “Unemployed, blogger Sérgio Moro changes his look to try a job at Magazine Luiza”. Beside it, he brings Mandetta’s face, also with a wig and the message: “Out of a job and tired of missing the peak, Mandetta changed color and sends a resume to Magazine Luiza”.

When spreading the message with the title “It is not easy for anyone!”, Bia Kicis wrote in her publication: “It is not easy at all!”.

The reaction on social media was immediate, with thousands of accusations of prejudice. “How ridiculous that is. It seems more like a child. Total lack of respect for people. Total lack of respect for black people,” wrote an internet user on Bia Kicis’ Facebook page. “This racist deputy has lowered the bar,” said another.

Bia Kicis used the networks to defend herself and accuse the retail chain. “People can no longer understand a meme. Do you know who is racist? Magazine Luiza and who else thinks that black people need favor and have an exclusive job because they have no intellectual capacity. Nor speak who is lack of opportunity because poor white has the same difficulties, “he wrote on his Twitter profile.

The deputy also fired on the Labor Ministry. “The MPT even comes to talk about historical repair. They don’t understand anything about merit, dedication and overcoming. Nor about Brazil being the people of miscegenation. My only prejudice is with leftist bad faith. In fact, it is post concept in the face of the facts” , he stated.

In voice messages sent to his contacts by WhatsApp, Bia Kicis has also stated that he made a “joke”, that the country is in a war, but that, despite this, he has not lost his “good mood”.

“I believe that we need to fight in this war, and united. And I am not a person who wants to separate. I am a person who wants to unite. But I have not lost my good mood and I think that, occasionally, a little cartoon sic) it goes well, although I am a person who escapes bullshit in the nets. But I think that, from time to time, a little cartoon goes well.

Bia Kicis is one of those investigated in the inquiry into anti-democratic acts opened in April, at the request of the Attorney General, Augusto Aras, after demonstrations defending the return of the military dictatorship, intervention by the Armed Forces and attacking democratic institutions marked the celebrations for the Day Army in different cities in the country.


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