Bibi Perigosa real says she has no doubt of her reason in the lawsuit against Globo


Fabiana Escobar, the dangerous Bibi of real life

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Marcela Ribeiro

De Splash, in Rio

25/09/2020 04h00

The process is following the procedures that must be followed. Now that comes and goes from Justice. There is no such fight, although I am the injured part of the story. I am calm, I have no doubts about my reason.

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Sought by Splash, Globo says it does not comment on lawsuits in progress. Since Monday (21), the broadcaster has been reprising Gloria Perez’s soap opera during prime time.

Fabiana’s publicist says that, in the contract, it was foreseen that she would receive the amount of royalties if the soap opera was sold to other countries.

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“She didn’t receive it. In 2020, she filed a new lawsuit asking for these values ​​and it was almost an obstacle for the soap opera to be replayed. Globo filed a new lawsuit and managed to release the replaybut the process is still ongoing. “

Fabiana Escobar wrote the book “Perigosa”, in which she narrates her story and her relationship with the drug dealer Saulo de Sá, known as Barão do Pó da Rocinha. Gloria Perez was inspired by her to create Bibi (Juliana Paes), and Globo bought the copyright of the story to tell it in the plot.

When the soap opera first aired, Fabiana did not feel comfortable commenting on the scenes. “I watched the soap opera a lot in mine, I gave my story to be explored, but I stayed as a spectator, watching quietly. This time it changed, because I realized that I have the right to comment, yes.”

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She now plans to use her YouTube channel to comment on the chapters.

It is my life, it was my job, because I wrote the book. Now I feel comfortable talking, playing. I look at the novel with different eyes, I see it as something very mine. It’s my life. I deserve to be part of that.

Since 2013, Fabiana has been working in the field of culture and produces and directs films in the Rocywood project, in the Rocinha favela, in Rio de Janeiro. “We have already produced two short films and one horror film, which should be released in December.”

It’s a tool I have to try to give back to Rocinha, [dar] something good from me, because my slightly ‘bad’ side already had it. That’s what I love to do, we produce by making our heart guts and try to be a reference within the favela.


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