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The night’s debate went straight to the heart of what has been the last week’s big debate. Who will take over the vacant seat in the US Supreme Court.

– We won

And Donald Trump was quick to respond:

– We won the election. Elections have consequences. We have the White House and the Senate and a phenomenal candidate.

After Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18, Donald Trump wanted to replace Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett. It will give a majority of six conservative judges, against three appointed by the Democrats. It is very unusual to appoint a new Supreme Court judge so close to the presidential election.

This is what Biden reacted to.

– The president wants to eliminate Obama’s health care reform. It will take from the health insurance to 20 million people. I have nothing against Judge Barrett, but women’s rights have been fundamentally changed with Obama’s health care reform, Biden replied.

The framework was clear and the themes were set in advance. They were to talk about their political activities, the corona pandemic, the Supreme Court, violence and riots, the electoral system.

But it was health policy that got the debate going.

– 200,000 people have lost their lives under Trump. What does it mean for them, if Obama’s health care reform disappears, Biden asked rhetorically.

“If you were here, 2 million people would die,” replied Trump, who also would not let moderator Chris Wallace finish.

“You both talk at the same time,” Wallace said several times to the two fighting cocks.

«Would you shut up, man»

Many have wondered if Trump would be able to annoy Biden and get him out of control. After 20 minutes, they might have the answer.

“Would you shut up, man,” Biden Trump answered a question about delaying political processes, or filibuster tactics.

Biden to Trump: Can You Shut Up?

But it was the handling of the corona situation that brought out the disagreements.

– The president has no plan. He knew in February how serious this crisis was. He knew it. What did he do? He says he did not want people to panic. You did not panic. He panicked, Biden said, and Trump replied:

– If we had listened to you, millions of people would have died. You do not know how many people have died in China, Russia and India.

– Governors say I have done a good job. We are only weeks away from a vaccine, and fewer die when they get sick. We’ve done a great job, was Trump’s answer and that got the moderator Wallace from Fox News to ask:

– Your own experts say a vaccine is hardly ready before the summer for most people. Are you wrong?

– I have talked to scientists, they want the vaccine ready very soon.

– How can you believe what this man is telling you, Biden squirted a little resignedly, before Trump once again managed to irritate the former vice president.

– Did you say the word smart? You forgot the name of your college? You were second worst in class. There’s nothing smart about you, Joe

“Oh give me a break,” was Biden’s response before asking if Trump could be quiet for a minute.

Tonight’s debate has been followed by millions of TV viewers across the United States.

Photo: Sarah Silbiger / AFP / NTB

Economy was an important topic in the debate and Trump repeatedly erred in saying that he has built the largest economy in history.

– Biden will close the whole country. We had to do it, but we have learned a lot. The bidet will shut down again. Many will suffer from it.

– You can not fix the economy until you fix the corona crisis, Biden replied.

Had to break in

In recent days, the world’s news channels have been concerned about how much or how little Trump has paid in taxes in recent years, even tonight.

– You paid $ 750 in income tax in 2016 and 2017. Is that right ?, Wallace asked.

“I have paid millions of dollars in taxes, millions of dollars in income taxes,” Trump replied, and Biden followed up.

– Show us your tax card.

The two candidates seldom completed their arguments before the other interrupted, and a clearly strict moderator asked them both to remain calm and addressed Trump in particular.

– It’s hard to get a single word in with this clown, Biden replied, while Wallace raised his voice and asked both to be quiet.

“I think our country would benefit from us not interrupting each other,” Wallace said.

– He’s the racist

This spring and summer, many of America’s cities have been plagued by riots and violence. Much of it has been about racism and much has been about dissatisfaction.

– This president has tried to create more racist differences. This man has done virtually nothing for African-Americans in this country. He has been a disaster for them, Biden said, and Trump responded with the same coin.

– You have treated black Americans worse, you have called them predators and even worse things. We believe in law and order, but you do not. Many of our cities are ruled by radical leftists and they have you around little finger Joe.

Then Trump was asked why he has removed parts of the police training that is about understanding racism.

– I ended it because it is racist. Many said it was a revolution that took place in schools and in the military. They taught people to hate our country, Trump replied and that made Biden react.

– He’s the racist.

Was asked to condemn white extremists

Donald Trump has received a lot of criticism from Democrats for not clearly distancing himself from white extremists and outspoken racists. And on direct questions during tonight’s debate, he did not decide either.

– Yes, of course I can. But pretty much everything I see comes from the left, he replied before saying:

– Stand back and stand by.

Something that can be translated with stay calm and be ready. Before Trump reached out to Antifa.

– Someone has to do something with Antifa and the radical left.


Before the corona pandemic hit the world, everyone thought it was climate we should worry about, it was also the topic of tonight’s debate, and many have thought that Trump is a climate denier.

– I want crystal clear water and air. If you look at the numbers now, we’re doing phenomenally well, but we have not ruined the business world. When it comes to forest fires, it is about how to take care of the forest, there are dry leaves on the forest floor, he replied before Wallace reminded him of the question of whether he thought climate change was man-made.

– We must do everything we can to have clear water and air. We plant a billion trees, and I believe to some extent (to the question that climate change contributes to forest fires)

Biden turns 78 on 20 November. If he wins the election on November 3, he will be the oldest president ever in the American context. Trump is 74 years old. These two are the oldest candidates in US history.


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