Biden threatens sanctions on Brazil due to deforestation in the Amazon


Democratic candidate for president of the United States, Joe Biden, said that Brazil will suffer “significant economic consequences” if the country does not implement policies to prevent the deforestation of the Amazon. The comment was made late on Tuesday (29) during the first televised debate between the former US vice president and his rival at the polls, President Donald Trump.

“Brazil, Brazil’s rainforest, is being demolished, it is being destroyed, more carbon is absorbed in that rainforest than every bit of carbon that is emitted in the United States,” said Biden. He continued:

“[Como presidente] I would be meeting and ensuring that the countries of the world come with $ 20 billion and say ‘here is $ 20 billion stop, stop cutting down the forest and if you don’t, you will have significant economic consequences’, “said the candidate Democrat while accusing Trump of not using the influence of office to defend nature.

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