Biel and Tays Reis exchange kisses before sleeping in ‘A Fazenda 2020’


Biel is in the third garden of “A Fazenda 2020”. The singer was chosen by Raissa Barbosa as a member of the stall to go to the hot seat and won a special affection from Tays Reis, at dawn today.

After the sound of the gaudy, the funkeiro went down with his confinement colleagues to the stall and received a loving kiss from the singer with whom he is living a romance since the shippados party.

Fazenda 2020: Biel and Tays Reis embrace and he asks her not to get into a fight

Image: Playback / RecordTV

“Before I get there, I’m going to stretch my legs and smoke a cigarette,” joked Biel.

“It’s serious when I tell you things. Stay tuned,” warned Tays.

After the advice, Biel said goodbye to the beloved with a long hug and kiss and asked her to avoid arguing with the pawns of RecordTV’s reality show suffers the votes received.

“Sleep with God and don’t go on a collision course, please. Take care”, asked the funkeiro.

“I will not enter,” promised the singer.

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Press Release / RecordTV


Press Release / RecordTV



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