Biel plans to expel Jojo Todynho for assault


Biel carves Jojo Todynho in A Fazenda 12 (Photo: Reproduction)

Biel is setting up Jojo Todynho in A Fazenda 12 and said something

The singer Biel did not like everything he heard from Jojo Todynho after a fight in The Farm 12. On Record’s reality show, the two almost slapped and the singer intends to take advantage of his rival’s temperament.

That’s because, Biel is getting ready to fight back the fight with Jojo Todynho. His idea is to do something similar to what Caíque Aguiar did with Nadja Pessoa in A Fazenda 10, which caused the expulsion of D’Black’s ex-wife, one of the favorites for the prize.

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This Monday, September 28, in a conversation with Lipe Ribeiro at the tree house, Biel said that he intends to destabilize the owner of the hit ‘Que Tiro Esse Esse ?.

“Who is Jojo Todynho? What the fuck? Lower my level? If I get pissed off and come upstairs, I’m going to give my face a punch because then she’ll be out of this shit ”, said Biel, who also mocked Jojo Todynho’s song.

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Biel also revealed that during the formation of the farm that will happen next Tuesday, September 29, his vote will be direct in Jojo Todynho after all the shack.

Luiza Ambiel punishes Jojo Todynho in a fight in A Fazenda 12 (Photo: Reproduction)
Jojo and Biel in A Fazenda 12 (Photo: Reproduction)

Barraco no reality show

After the pedestrians took a punishment for Biel’s fault, she fucked the singer and released the dogs after he was making fun of her face.

“What is is the car @ lh *. are you in the circus, f * ck? What it is is the eye of my mouth **. And now Gabriel? You make fun of others, not me. Go take it in your c * ”, said Jojo to Biel. The others confined did not dare to say anything and the public echoed the singer’s shack with the artist.

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Remember that Biel caused one of the punishments of being without water for 24 hours. He was talking to Tays without a microphone and for that they were punished. The other punishment without water came on account of Mariano and Lipe, who used alcohol to sanitize a drink, as the production sent few batches to the pedestrians. The singer was not helping to load the buckets and this angered the singer, who told him to help.

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