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Jan Blachowicz is the new champion of the heavyweight (up to 93kg) of Ultimate. With powerful strokes, he knocked out Dominick Reyes at 4:36 seconds of the second round, in the main co-event of UFC 253, at dawn this Saturday to Sunday, at Ilha da Luta, in Abu Dhabi (UAE). With the result, he becomes the 13th holder of the division’s linear belt in the company’s history and starts to occupy the position that became vacant after Jon Jones gave up to rise to the heavyweight (up to 120kg).

Jan Blachowicz ran over Reyes in the second round and won the belt – Photo: Getty Images

Reyes controlled the center of the octagon, but the two athletes were cautious at the start of the confrontation. Blachowicz circulated more and avoided exposing himself, while the American seeks to work with low jabs and kicks. The Pole was in danger when playing longer matches, but the assault had more time for study than for action.

The outlook remained in the second round. The mark that a Blachowicz kick left at the American’s ribs was noteworthy. I need the counterattacks, the Pole got to swing the rival. In the final minute, he went up with hard blows, found Reyes’ face and saw the American collapse. Ali just finished the work on the ground and pound to guarantee the belt.

Ketlen Vieira beats Sijara Eubanks on points

It wasn’t a very exciting fight, but Ketlen Vieira did what he needed to do to win with a unanimous decision (triple 29-28) against Sijara Eubanks. In a confrontation with few moments of emotion, the Brazilian managed to fall in important moments to recover from the setback suffered against Irene Aldana in December last year.

Ketlen Vieira cries out after beating Sijara Eubanks – Photo: Getty Images

Ketlen tried to shorten the distance at all times in the first round in search of a takedown, but the American managed to keep the fight standing for almost the entire round. In striking, the two played dangerous blows, but most of them in the void. Only in the final seconds, after a combination that entered Eubanks’ face, that Ketlen managed to fall, but without much time to work. At the start of the second round, the Brazilian toppled early and controlled for about two minutes, until the referee ordered him to get up for lack of action, but little happened in the rest of the round.

In the final five minutes, striking was again the keynote of the fight, but without blunt strokes. Ketlen had more volume, while Eubanks was in danger when trying to shorten the distance to connect harder punches. However, the confrontation remained lukewarm until the end, with the Brazilian winning without fright.

UFC 253: Two belt contests live at Combate!


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