Boca Rosa and Fred talk about the beginning of the relationship and youtuber reveals ‘no’ at the request of dating


Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, revealed details of her courtship with Fred from “Desimpedidos” in a video on Youtube. The two were interviewed by youtuber Foquinha, who said she was the couple’s godmother.

According to Fred, he and Bianca were not speaking until he participated in a video on her friend’s channel, calling the influencer “spoiled” in August 2019.

The two reconnected after Boca Rosa went to meet with the sports youtuber.

“After your video, we exchanged ideas and such and she said: ‘Gee, I have a lot of defects and you said I was spurted, pistol’. hairbrush in the throat to throw up. We were not exchanging ideas, out of nowhere: ‘Did you see what Bruno said about you? He said you stick a hairbrush in your throat to throw up when you’re drinking’ “, defended Fred, invoking Bianca’s alcoholic alter ego, which she revealed during the “BBB 20”.

The youtuber also recalled that he prevented Bianca from vomiting during a new year party in São Miguel dos Milagres, in Alagoas, one of the many comings and goings of the couple, who assumed an open courtship at the beginning of the month.

Although the official relationship is new, the two have been involved since 2017 and met a year earlier, during a YouTube event in São Paulo.

In the video posted today, Fred revealed that after the reconciliation in 2019, he almost dated Bianca, on her own initiative, but that he refused the request.

“After your video, she came to exchange ideas with me and stuff, and then I went over to her house. We stayed, I don’t know what, and then she asked me to date, last year. She said: ‘Do you want to date me? ? ‘. And I said,’ Are you crazy, woman? ‘”, Detailed the youtuber, for the amusement of Boca Rosa and Foquinha.

“Then she said: ‘Wow, just say no, no needed me call it crazy ‘”, he added, whose story was confirmed by the former BBB.

Boca Rosa also revealed that he amended his relationship with Diogo Melim a week after his request was refused.

“It didn’t happen, but did you stay the same?” Asked Foquinha. “No, because the following week me I was dating someone else. I think it’s because I was in vibe dating, I said: ‘Gee, I’m going to see a different section’. Then I joined Big Brother “, recalled the businesswoman and digital influencer.

Fred further opined that Bianca confused things after the two watched together a documentary on monogamy, recommended by Fred, who had already watched alone.

For the youtuber, Boca Rosa understood the indication of the film as a “message”, which, according to him, was not the intention.

According to the couple, things between the two only changed after the influencer went to “BBB”.

“People who knew about us said: ‘Gee, did you see that Bianca yes on Big Brother? ‘ Man, I was tense, because we were not exchanging ideas, she had me dating request, I said ‘yes crazy ‘, I was like,’ bro, she hates me gonna talk badass me on the show ‘. Then I said I’ll watch only the first one, but then I got hooked “, said Fred.

“AssimI said that for her and I can talk here, that I was tense. I have been with Bianca for almost 3 years, so imagine if she is a different person from the day to day, but no, she was really her, she was even cooler. I really liked her posture inside, her way, I cried when she cried “, he detailed, who had the story confirmed by photos saved on his girlfriend’s cell phone.

After Bianca’s elimination from Globo’s reality show, and the controversial end of her courtship with Melim, the two met again at DJ Bárbara Labres’ birthday party, when they returned with the involvement that became dating.

“We always had a lot of meetings and disagreements. I used to take a shit, then she used to take a shit too. Then we were very angry with each other, we were without exchanging ideas. I could take it and stay. It was always very intense, both the good part and the bad part, so we kind of didn’t get over it “, said Fred.

Check out the full conversation in the player below:


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