Bolsonaro says niobium ‘super battery’ will revolutionize industry – News


President Jair Bolsonaro spoke again on Monday (28) that the development of a “super battery” of niobium and graphene will “revolutionize the world’s auto industry”. At the launch of the Mining and Development program at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Chief Executive said that the country has “abundant” resources.

“The ore, together with graphene, is capable of producing wonders for the world in all sectors. Even with regard to trinkets, who would say, right?”, He said. “What is coming out of the drawing board does not have our participation, but we are very proud, it is the superb battery of graphene and niobium that will revolutionize the world’s auto industry and we have it in abundance.”

During the event, the president also signaled his interest in making niobium exploration feasible in the country. “Niobium, in particular, we would very much like to explore this in the future, but with a country that could offer us to work together so that we can acquire technology to explore what we have,” he said.

The program launched on Monday (28) consists of ten plans and 110 goals for the sector in the period 2020-2023. Alongside the president, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, affirmed that the mining sector has been fundamental to the Brazilian trade balance and may attract billionaire investments to the country in the coming years.

In his statement, the minister also highlighted measures in other areas of the portfolio’s activities, such as the edition of Provisional Measures (MPs) to exempt the electricity bill of low-income families and to provide financial assistance to energy distributors, and the approval of the bill dealing with hydrological risk.


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