Boris Casoy is released from RedeTV! after 4 years


Since March this year, the journalist Boris Casoy was removed from the role of anchor of RedeTV! News, for being part of the risk group at 79, during the pandemic of the new coronavirus. At the time, the decision was taken by the superintendent of RedeTV !, Franz Vacek.

The veteran just didn’t imagine that his contract would be broken by Marcelo de Carvalho and Amilcare Dallevo’s channel, in full quarantine. Boris stayed at the station for 4 years.

Official got in touch with RedeTV! who confirmed the information to us:

“RedeTV! Confirms the departure of Boris Casoy. The channel management thanks the journalist for the professionalism and contribution to the successful projects developed over the four years of partnership,” said the text.


If you missed Boris Casoy ahead of the RedeTV news! News, don’t worry. The journalist was removed by RedeTV! ‘S superintendent, Franz Vacek, for understanding that he fits the risk group, at the height of his 79 years.

Boris is quarantined to protect himself from possible contamination of Covid-19, according to information from Flávio Ricco, a columnist at Uol. Who will remain in his place indefinitely, will be Mariana Godoy, who will have the company of Mauro Tagliaferri on the news stand.

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