Boris Johnson lost weight and says he never felt so good | Coronavirus


In April, Boris Johnson was hospitalized after becoming infected with the new coronavirus. He was admitted to intensive care for a week at St. Thomas’s Hospital, in central London, where he was treated without interruption by two nurses, one of whom was Portuguese. Now, he declared that he lost weight, but did not reveal how much.

After being discharged on April 12, Johnson personally thanked the two health professionals. Later, he received a group of nurses at his official residence in Downing Street to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the British National Health Service (NHS), which included Luís Pitarma, the Portuguese nurse.

This Tuesday, on his physical form, Johnson said that he was much better “due, basically, to weight loss”, adding that before he weighed 112 kilograms and that it was too much weight for a man with a height of 1 , 78 meters. “I don’t want to give anyone advice, but losing weight is a very good thing to do”, said the British Prime Minister, without revealing his current weight. Remember that obesity is a risk factor as far as covid-19 is concerned.


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