Boy tries to buy family house in OLX to pay 10 euros a month


UA nine-year-old boy, concerned that his mother is unable to pay the rent for the house where they live, in Paraná, Brazil, tried to buy a house of 20 thousand euros, for 10 euros a month, in S $.

The exchange of messages between João Bernardo and the seller was shared on social networks by his mother, Daiana Campiolo, 38 years old. The post went viral in a few days.

In the messages, João Bernardo offers about 10 euros, per month, until reaching the total value of the property, 20 thousand euros.

“I wanted to buy the house, but I don’t have that much money. So, I thought of giving 10 euros a month until I reached 20 thousand euros. I would like to live there with my mother and brother. Our house is very small […]. My mother has to pay the rent, without being able to spend a lot of money because the rent is very expensive “, wrote the boy.

“10 euros a month is not enough. At least 200 euros”, replied the seller. Faced with the refusal, the boy just apologized for the inconvenience.

To the G1 website, Daiana he said that his son’s greatest desire, since his father died two years ago, is for the family to have a home of their own and, therefore, keep in a safe all the coins that are left over from the allowance or that give him one day to fulfill his dream .

“We are coming back little by little. We have lived with the help of people for a while. Since this happened, he has put it in his head that he wants to help in some way. He says that we will stop renting and we will buy a house. a very big trauma of the loss of his father, but the repercussion of this story made him very happy. Which is good “, revealed the Brazilian.

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