Brazil accumulates 141,406 deaths from the new coronavirus


Brazil has 141,406 people killed by the new coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. The lethality rate, according to the Ministry of Health, is 3%. In the 24 hours since the bulletin released on Friday (25), 28,378 new positive diagnoses were recorded for Covid-19. With this, the country adds 4,717,991 people who have already been infected with the virus.

The data were released by the Ministry of Health on Saturday night (26), in the daily update published by the folder. The number of recovered from Covid-19 reaches 4,050,837.

Between yesterday (25) and today (26), the new deaths registered by the state health departments totaled 869, keeping the average below the 1,000 daily in the last weeks.

Also according to the update, 525,748 patients are being followed up.


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