Brazil created more than 249 thousand formal jobs in August, points out Caged


Brazil opened 249,388 formal jobs in August, according to the Novo Caged (General Register of Employed and Unemployed) released today by the Ministry of Economy. It is the second month in a row with a positive balance, after more than 131 thousand formal jobs created in July.

“Brazil generated 250 thousand jobs this August. It is something that has not happened since August 2010. We are really going back to ‘V’, the job market registers this”, celebrated Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, during a press conference .

The balance sheet is the result of 1,239,478 hires and 990,090 dismissals recorded in the month. As a result, the stock of formal jobs in Brazil reached 37,960,236.

The figures for August were also above those recorded in the same month of 2019, when 121,387 formal vacancies were created.

In 2020, however, the balance is still negative: in the first eight months of the year, 849,387 jobs were lost, with 9,180,697 admissions and 10,030,084 dismissals.


The five sectors of economic activity had a positive balance in August. Driven by the Manufacturing Industry, the Industry’s economic sector led the generation of formal jobs, with a positive balance of 92,893 formal jobs.

Then came the Construction sectors, with 50,489, and Commerce, which registered 49,408 new vacancies. Services (45,412) and Agriculture (11,213) complete the list.


The month of August registered 15,581 hires and 7,335 dismissals in the form of intermittent work, generating a balance of 8,246 formal jobs. Altogether, 132 employees signed more than one contract as an intermittent worker.

On the other hand, part-time work had a negative balance of -1,501 vacancies in the month, as a result of 11.136 admissions and 12,637 dismissals. In this modality, 63 workers signed more than one contract.

Regions and states

All five regions of the country had a positive result in August. In absolute numbers, the best balance is from the Southeast, with the creation of 104,702 (increase of 0.54%) jobs, but the greatest relative variation was with the North, with growth of 1.26% – or 22,272 new job openings. formal employment.

The Northeast had a positive balance of 62,085 jobs (+ 1.02%); the South, 42,664 (+ 0.60%); and the Midwest, 17,684 (+ 0.54%).

Among the states, São Paulo, with 64,552 new vacancies (+ 0.55%), Minas Gerais, with 28,339 (+ 0.71%), and Santa Catarina, with 18,375 (+ 0.90%), had the largest balance positive. The best performance compared to the previous month was Paraíba (9,753 jobs, + 2.46%), Amazonas (7,019, + 1.74%); and Rio Grande do Norte (5,955, + 1.45%).

No state ended the month with a negative balance.

BEm influence

The government attributes the positive result of the last two months to BEm (Emergency Program for the Maintenance of Employment and Income), which provides for the payment of a monthly benefit to workers who have had their contract suspended or work hours and wages reduced.

According to data updated until September 18, BEm has allowed more than 18.3 million agreements between employees and employers in Brazil. So far, the program has paid R $ 25.5 billion.


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