Brazil will need 30 million new homes in 10 years, says Abrainc – News


Unpublished study points to the fall in the Brazilian housing deficit driven by the 9.3% reduction in the number of precarious housing

Brazil will need 30.7 million new homes by 2030, considering the average growth of 3% in the formation of new families, points out an unprecedented study released this Tuesday (29), by Abrainc (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers).

According to the survey, families with an income of between 3 and 10 minimum wages will need 14.4 million homes, followed by groups with an income of up to three minimum wages, which will demand 13 million new homes. Those with more than 10 income wages, 3.3 million homes.

The study also points out that the housing deficit in Brazil fell 1.5% between 2017 and 2019, which went from 7.918 million to 7.797 million homes last year. The drop was driven by the 9.3% reduction in the number of precarious housing in the country, which fell from 963 thousand to 874 thousand between the years.

“The decline reflects the effect of public policies for popular expansion in the country, with a focus on reducing the deficit for the poorest families. It is important that the Brazilian State has access to this type of information to make a decision to continue subsidizing the construction of popular housing in the country “, says the president of Abrainc, Luiz Antonio Fran├ža.


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