BRK Ambiental wins Alagoas sanitation auction with R $ 2 billion bid | Companies


The company, controlled by Brookfield, won a 35-year contract to operate water and sewage services in 13 cities in the metropolitan region of Maceió. In addition to the grant, the group will have to make R $ 2.6 billion in investments in the structure, in order to universalize water supply services within six years and sanitary sewage services in 16 years.

Second in the competition was the Jangada consortium (formed by Iguá Saneamento and Sabesp), which offered a grant of R $ 1.48 billion. Third was the EQS consortium, formed by Equatorial and Sonel, with a proposal of R $ 1.29 billion. Next came Aegea’s offer of R $ 1.21 billion.

The Águas de Pratagy consortium proposed R $ 666 million. The Paraíso das Águas group (formed by Avivo and Enops) offered R $ 450 million. The lowest bid was from Águas de Alagoas, of R $ 250.2 million.


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