Brothers win almost R $ 3 million in the lottery after betting 40 years on the same game – 09/29/2020


Luck took time to arrive for three brothers in Australia, but ultimately, they managed to win the lottery after maintaining a tradition of betting on the same game for 40 years.

The trio, who reside in Richmond County, have bet on the same combinations of lottery tickets over the past four decades. After so many games, only last Saturday (26) they won the grand prize of US $ 511 thousand (R $ 2.8 million).

Upon seeing the result, one of them told the official TattsLotto website that he looked at the numbers for 10 minutes before passing the information on to the pair of the same gene.

“The victory will be divided between my two brothers and me,” said one of the lucky ones.

“I don’t remember why we chose these numbers exactly. All I know is that, 40 years ago, each of us wrote down the numbers and chose a ticket to play with. We have been playing since. It was a great feeling to call them and let them know them “, concluded.

The numbers in question were: 28, 7, 36, 1, 42 and 22, with supplementary numbers 14 and 11.


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