Bus, Strike | The bus strike is now being felt in earnest


From Monday, the bus strike will be felt in earnest. Seven counties are affected.

The case is being updated.

On Monday, 8,500 bus drivers are still on strike, and there is no solution in sight, reports NRK.

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Seven counties have been affected, following the escalation on Saturday.

– I hope most people have realized that there is a strike, but I am afraid it will be chaos on Monday, says Trude Valle, regional leader of the Professional Traffic Association in Western Norway to NRK.

The drivers in Oslo and Viken were the first to strike, and from Saturday morning drivers in Vestland, Trøndelag, Rogaland, Nordland, Agder and Møre og Romsdal were also taken out.

Better conditions

Drivers are on strike for better working time arrangements, higher wages and better security.

On Sunday evening, there was no dialogue between NHO Transport on the one hand and Fellesforbundet and Yrkestrafikkforbundet on the other.

The CEO of NHO Transport, Jon H. Stordrange, believes that the entire public transport industry is in a difficult and uncertain situation, something the settlement must take into account.

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Click on the image to enlarge. Gunnar Stavrum in the debate 22. 09 September 2020

Editor-in-chief of Gunnar Stavrum in Nettavisen believes the strike can lead to lost lives and must be stopped.
Photo: Nrk

Spelling room: – Dangerous to health

Nettavisen editor Gunnar Stavrum is one of many who have thrown themselves into the debate about the significance of such a strike – while the pandemic is raging.

– If it is not stopped, the bus strike will hit the whole country from Saturday. At the same time, the corona infection is spreading, writes Stavrum, who believes the strike is “dangerous to health”.

This was also the topic of the Debate on Thursday.

– There is a dangerous strike going on, and the Storting and the government have no problems stopping the strike with a forced wage board on the grounds that it threatens life and security, Stavrum believes.


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