Businesswoman makes party to celebrate the cure of covid-19 in PB and is criticized – 29/09/2020


A party to celebrate the cure of the covid-19, held on Saturday (26), in Cabedelo, Metropolitan Region of João Pessoa (PB), was criticized on social networks. The owner of the party, the businesswoman in the events industry, Jéssica Gambarra, said in an interview to Twitter which received many negative messages, but argues that the party was a success and has even closed contracts with the format.

Jessica, 27, said she was diagnosed with covid-19 in August, and that she was ill for about 20 days. She was never admitted to the hospital, but received daily medical care at home.

The businesswoman said she believed she was infected by her two-year-old son, who had only one case of diarrhea, and had a confirmed diagnosis of the disease days later.

Businesswoman makes party to celebrate the cure of covid-19 in PB and is criticized

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“When I got sick, and I was sick, I said I would throw a party to celebrate my victory, my life. It was not an irresponsible party, we followed several security protocols and the guests were warned of the need to comply with the rules like the use of the mask, temperature measurement on arrival and use of gel alcohol “, said the businesswoman.

In videos posted on her social networks, Jessica shows the whole atmosphere of the party, held on the beach sand. Upon arrival, the guests had, first, the temperature checked, only then to have the entrance cleared. According to Jessica, approximately 100 people were invited. The buffet served individual portions, in disposable packaging.

“When I sent the invitations, I sent along an orientation booklet, in which I explained step by step how the party would be and the care that everyone should take so that security was guaranteed to those present,” explained Jessica. Among the guidelines were the use of gel alcohol whenever necessary, the use of a mask and social distance.

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Jéssica Gambarro posted the event’s “protocols”

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Also according to the businesswoman, the tables were 2 meters away and plastic bags were handed to the guests to put on their masks while consuming food and drinks. “Everyone also received bracelets with alcohol gel”, stressed the businesswoman.

She informed that each guest took two kilos of non-perishable food that will be donated to a charity in João Pessoa. According to Jessica, who also promotes bridal fairs, no guest, so far, has reported complaints regarding the symptoms of covid-19. “It was a responsible party, and I believe that if there was someone invited from the risk group, the person thought it best to protect themselves and not attend”.

Social media reviews

As soon as she announced the party on her profile on social networks, Jessica began to receive criticism. According to her, some very heavy ones, such as ‘it is good that you and your family die’, ‘that your guests take covid’, ‘you have no empathy for others’, ‘you are a futile person’. In one day, she increased the number of Instagram followers by 10,000.

The businesswoman said that she felt sad and distressed by the criticisms received, but that the way the party was held ended up generating praise and that she has even closed contracts for other events in the same format.

“My party had a team well prepared to deal with this situation at covid, we work responsibly, offering security to the guests, and we have already closed another party in the same format”, he celebrated.

According to the latest bulletin from the State Department of Health, released yesterday, Paraíba has 119,987 confirmed cases of covid-19 and 2,804 deaths.


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