Caio Blat and Luisa Arraes remember Guel Arraes’ special visit on the set of ‘Amor e Sorte’: ‘He came to make coffee and carry equipment’ | Celebrity


“It was a great challenge, I and Luisa were paralyzed. The agenda was full this year and, in a single weekend, everything was canceled. And our sector, which is made up of human agglomeration, was paralyzed”, reflects the actor.

Luisa and Caio have been dating for three years and live in separate houses, but during the pandemic the two became more together. About the possibility of living in the same home, they say that they talk a lot about the subject, but respect and like to have their space.

“I think this issue comes and goes in the life of every couple. This soft measure of how much you want to share and how much you want your freedom is a subject that we have every day,” says Luisa.

Caio Blat and Luisa Arraes are Manoel and Teresa in ‘Amor e Sorte’ – Photo: Globo

Caio and Luisa reveal that they received an illustrious visit at the time of recording, Luisa’s father, director Guel Arraes went to give support to the actors. What an honor, huh?

“He is one of the greatest directors in history, a filmmaker, and he came here to make coffee, carry equipment,” said Guel’s son-in-law.

“The first thing he did when he got here was to bring coffee,” recalled Luisa.

The recordings of ‘Amor e Sorte’ were made at the place where Luisa Arraes and Caio Blat are quarantined – Photo: Globo / Sergio Zalis

And speaking behind the scenes, there were some unusual situations too. Luisa recalls that at the beginning of the recordings she was not yet used to having a microphone on and with more than 50 people on the team listening on the other side of the computer. Then, I talked intimately with Caio, but forgot that the people were still listening to everything.

“One hour we were alone, but about 50 people were listening to us through the microphone, and Luisa asked: ‘Love, did you fart?’ Then I: ‘Thank you Luisa, now everyone knows “, the actor amuses himself.

“We work hard, but never sharing so much function, we had to negotiate each decision, each way of acting, then it is obvious that it sparkles, there was a lot of DR”, recalls Caio.

Caio Blat and Luisa Arraes in ‘Amor e Sorte’ – Photo: Globo / João Miguel Júnior

And do you want more behind the scenes curiosity? So know that some photos for the promotion of the series were taken by Caio’s son Bento Blat, just 10 years old, with the guidance of photographer Sérgio Zallis directly from Hollanda.

“Our publicity photos were taken by my 10-year-old son holding his cell phone. A professional photographer from Holland was advising and he was taking it”, he explains.

The photo was taken by Caio Blat’s 10-year-old son under the guidance of photographer Sérgio Zállis from Hollanda – Photo: Sérgio Zallis / Disclosure

Luisa and Caio say the series was a milestone in their careers and, undoubtedly, Amor e Sorte will be forever recorded. “I have been working on TV for 30 years, and in this episode we sign the text and direct, a very special condition that arose and, at the same time, we are reinventing ourselves, debuting as authors, directors, something very important for us This moment will always be recorded, what we spent this year. Each object that appears on the scene has a meaning, the picture on the wall that we bought together, in short, an unforgettable record for our career “, reflects the actor.

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