Caixa closes FGTS deposits of up to R $ 1,045; See when SACAR


The FGTS emergency plunder was created to help workers during the new coronavirus pandemic.

A Federal Savings Bank already deposited up R $ 1,045 from emergency FGTS to all workers. Thus, the phase of deposits in digital savings ends.

Withdrawals and transfers will be released according to the beneficiary’s month of birth, until November 14th. The worker who has active or inactive FGTS accounts is entitled to the benefit.

Emergency FGTS payments are made in two stages. In the first, the money is deposited in digital savings by the Caixa Tem application, available for Android e iOS. In the second stage, the money is released for withdrawals and transfers.

Each worker can handle up to R $ 1,045. If the worker obtains more than one account, the money will be withdrawn first from the accounts for old employment contracts, beginning with those with the lowest balance. Then, the resource can be withdrawn from active accounts, starting with the one with the lowest balance.

THE emergency withdrawal from FGTS was created to help workers during the new coronavirus pandemic. See the calendar that the amount will be available in a digital account and the withdrawal and transfer calendar below.

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FGTS Calendar

Full payment schedule

  • June 29: born in January
  • July 6: born in February
  • July 13: born in March
  • July 20: born in April
  • July 27: born in May
  • August 3: born in June
  • August 10: born in July
  • August 24: born in August
  • August 31: born in September
  • September 8: born in October
  • September 14: born in November
  • September 21: born in December

Withdrawal and transfer schedule

  • July 25: born in January
  • August 8: born in February
  • August 22: born in March
  • September 5: born in April
  • September 19: born in May
  • October 3: born in June
  • October 17: born in July
  • October 17: born in August
  • October 31: born in September
  • October 31: born in October
  • November 14: born in November
  • November 14: born in December

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