CAIXA launches Super Sete lottery offering prizes starting at R $ 1 million


A new game mode was launched by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF): The Super Seven. According to information from the bank, it is the first product of Lottery with the motto “columns”, in which the bettor marks at least 1 number in each of the 7 columns and at most 3 per column.

Wins prizes who match three to seven columns, regardless of order. The draws will be held at 3 pm, always on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thus, the winners are already able to redeem the winning bets on the same day in case of contemplation. The sales of each contest close on the day of the draw at 2:00 pm and, immediately after five minutes, at 2:05 pm, the capture of the next contest begins.

The first draw will take place next Friday, October 2, with an estimated prize of R $ 1 million and bets can now be placed at lottery houses across the country, on the Lotteries CAIXA Portal ( .br) and in the Lotteries CAIXA app, available for iOS users.

How to bet?

The steering wheel contains 7 columns with 10 numbers (from 0 to 9) in each. The bettor must choose at least 1 number per column. If you prefer, you can place multiple bets and choose more numbers per column, marking up to 2 numbers per column, with 8 to 14 numbers marked, or 3 numbers per column, with 15 to 21 numbers marked. A simple bet, 1 number per column, costs R $ 2.50.

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To increase the chances of winning, bettors can also organize themselves into groups and participate in a CAIXA Bolão. For Super Sete, the tickets have a minimum price of R $ 10, and each installment must be at least R $ 5, being possible to make a installment of at least two and a maximum of 100 installments, as available on the steering wheel Next.

The odds for the Super Sete to hit depend on the number of tens scored in the bet, as shown in the table below:


There will be 7 different extractions in each contest, with the use of 7 globes, corresponding to the draws of the numerical predictions. The first draw consists of extracting 1 number, in the universe of 0 to 9 numbers, for column 1; the second draw consists of the extraction of 1 number, in the universe of 0 to 9 numbers, for column 2 and so on, until the extraction of the seventh and last number for column 7.


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