Caixa Tem: Money that disappeared from the app can be fraud; See what to do


This year, millions of Brazilians started using the application Box Has to move amounts deposited from federal government programs such as the emergency FGTS, emergency aid, and BEm.

However, if you noticed a strange movement in your account, you may have been the victim of fraud, or just an automatic transfer from the Cashier to another account.

Automatic transfer

Beneficiaries who signed up for emergency assistance through the Caixa website, the application or the post office had the opportunity to indicate an existing personal account in their registration.

In the first weeks of payment of the aid, the government deposited in the indicated account and opened a digital savings account only for those who did not have a bank account. Then, the rule changed, and everyone (except those enrolled in Bolsa Família) started to receive the installments through the Caixa Tem application.

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One of the modalities adopted by the government was the payment in two stages. First, the money is available in the app only for digital transactions, such as online purchases and payment of slips. In the second stage, the amount is released for withdrawals and transfers.

When the withdrawal release date arrives, Caixa automatically transfers the funds to the personal account that the beneficiary had informed in the register. Therefore, the beneficiary must verify that the money that came out of digital savings has not been transferred to another account. If not, then you have probably been a victim of fraud.

What to do in case of fraud

If your money was withdrawn or diverted from your digital savings without your consent, the advice is to look for a Caixa branch.

According to the bank, there is a service protocol and a form that must be filled in to collect information to help find out what actually happened to the money. For security reasons, Caixa preferred not to detail the form.

In addition, Caixa informs that if it is proven that there was a fraudulent withdrawal or movement, the victim will be compensated.


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