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DISCUSSED: Granåsen, here under Raw Air, is planned to be upgraded for around NOK 650 million. Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB

The day before the politicians in Trondheim will give their support to the World Ski Championships in Trondheim in 2025, they have not yet seen the content of the comprehensive agreement with the International Ski Federation (FIS).

That makes Conservative politician Ingrid Skjøtskift react. She will vote no if the World Cup case comes up in the presidency in Trondheim on Tuesday.

– We wait and wait. This is not good. We are talking about a key document that says something about the relationship between Trondheim municipality and FIS. It is completely unsustainable, says Ingrid Skjøtskift (H) to VG.

Trondheim was the only applicant for the World Ski Championships in 2025. Skjøtskift believes it gives the city a unique opportunity to push FIS in the ongoing negotiations. Of a cost estimate of NOK 1.25 billion, NOK 650 million will be used to upgrade the ski jump in Granåsen.

Skjøtskift believes it is one of the areas where the city should be able to demand the use of existing facilities, provided that safety is maintained.

– We must be able to vouch for every detail in the contract with FIS. We can not approve a contract we have not read properly. You don’t do that in private either. We should have had this contract a week ago, says Conservative politician Skjøtskift.

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In the case documents for Tuesday’s meeting of the presidency in Trondheim, it is stated, among other things, that «The municipal director’s proposal for a decision: The presidency of Trondheim municipality agrees with the content and obligations of the municipality that follow from the submitted agreements between the International Ski Federation, the Norwegian Ski Association, Sør-Trøndelag Ski District and Trondheim municipality ».

But the agreement with FIS is not available, just over a day before the meeting of the presidency.

Ingrid Skjøtskift is surprised that politicians are asked to give a power of attorney to enter into a contract, without giving plenty of time to discuss the content of the so-called “host contract” with FIS.

CRITICAL: Conservative politician Ingrid Skjøtskift. Photo: Frode Hansen

After the politicians have been asked to give the green light on Tuesday, FIS will formally give the event to Trondheim already on Saturday. On the same day, the final agreement between the parties will be signed.

Joint change believes that tough demands must be made on anti-doping, openness and good governance.

– FIS, which recently wanted to hold its congress in Pattaya, Thailand, has a lot to gain in those areas. We must ensure that this is a folk festival based on Norwegian values, and not a party for the pampers. But then we must have time to discuss and make demands, she says.

Snorre Valen is the political editor of Nidaros, and claims that what is happening now is illustrative of the entire World Cup process in Trondheim.

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He believes the World Ski Championships have become a matter of prestige for the Labor-led majority in the city council, as well as in the administration – represented by municipal director Morten Wolden – in Trondheim municipality.

– The frustration of Skjøtskift is understandable, but not surprising, seen from a small editorial office in Trondheim, Valen says to VG.

– The majority in the city council are very strong supporters of the World Cup. The thought of a new World Cup makes people think of the World Cup in 1997. But I do not necessarily think it will be like in 1997. Trondheim has changed. Sports have changed and the economy has changed. It will be tighter times ahead, Valen believes.

Municipal director Morten Wolden understands the frustration of Ingrid Skjøtskift (H), and believes it is unfortunate that the “host contract” is not already ready. Therefore, he says, he has proposed that the case be postponed and that a new meeting be set up on Thursday.

COUNCILOR: Morten Wolden is municipal director in Trondheim. Photo: Ole Martin Wold

According to Wolden, lawyers in Norway, Zurich and London have recently looked at points in the contract that deal with the consequences of a pandemic.

– We are completely in the rush now, and I have received signals that the host contract will be sent today. But one should have time to read properly through everything. At the same time, the most important points have already been taken care of through the co-operation agreement that the politicians have already received. It regulates the ski association’s and the municipality’s responsibility towards FIS, says Wolden.

– In connection with Oslo2022 and the Olympics, a number of controversial points emerged related to the organizer’s requirements. It may be that such things appear here as well, and that there are a number of symbolic points of agreement that it is important for politicians to have control over?

– I do not think we should compare the IOC and the Olympics with the FIS and the World Cup, Wolden thinks.

– FIS recently added the congress Pattaya, the president has denied climate change and has been in power for 22 years?

– I do not want to comment on that. I’ve done this before. But the politicians in Trondheim have been very clear that this should not be the type of event, but on the contrary a climate-friendly and transparent event, where everyone should be able to see where all the money goes, says Wolden.

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The municipal director firmly rejects Snorre Valen’s claim that there has been prestige in the World Cup case for him:

– Then Valen has not kept up with the class. This issue has been well discussed and discussed, even after we lost to Planica in the previous round, says Wolden.

Trondheim mayor Rita Ottervik (Labor Party) is on sick leave and refers to deputy mayor Mona Berger (Sv) in this case. In an SMS to VG, Berger writes:

“The contract will be completed tonight. Since the clarifications come so close to the consideration in the presidency, I will ask that the case be postponed and be considered in an extraordinary presidency on Thursday ».

Berger writes that the corona situation means that the standard agreement with FIS had to be renegotiated:

“It is 15 years since this contract was changed. These are legal issues that have taken time to clarify. It is important that this is done properly to strengthen and safeguard our interests as a host city » writes the deputy mayor.

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