Camilo de Oliveira’s widow celebrates a year of marriage: A year of everything she had stopped believing – National


Paula Marcelo is overjoyed. The actress celebrates a year of marriage with Jorge Lopes and guarantees that everything could not have gone better. “It’s been a year. A year of happiness, complicity, sharing, love, respect and everything else that I had stopped believing in. I love you,” wrote Paula Marcelo, who lived with Camilo de Oliveira for many years.

Paula Marcelo and Jorge Lopes

After much suffering because of the illness of the renowned actor, whom Paula followed up until the end, the actress rediscovered love with Jorge Lopes, whom she had known for some years.

“I knew Jorge for 30 or 40 years, his mother was my first landlady”, revealed in an interview at SIC. “We crossed paths in hospitals,” he added, particularly when she accompanied Camilo and he accompanied a family member.


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