Carol Narizinho makes revelation to peoas


During the afternoon of this Monday (21) in The Farm 12, the peoa Carol Narizinho talked to Jojo Todynho e Victória Villarim in the bedroom, when he revealed some sausages: “I already paid for a little pussy, ass…” he said to his confining colleagues.

The model and digital influencer said that other parts of her body were already in evidence in the reality of RecordTV. Between laughter, Jojo Todynho joked: “But everyone has seen it”, referring to a photo essay that Narizinho did for a men’s magazine. The people burst out laughing and continued the conversation.

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During the program, the pedestrians have been involved in several moments of relaxation and games even in the midst of pinpricks and discussions within reality. The parties have marked the season, that is why only two have happened so far in the confinement.


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