Carolina Loureiro goes to Brazil. Vitor Kley reveals the couple’s plans


Vitor Kley reviewed his love story with Carolina Loureiro in conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha on the show ‘Você Na TV’ this Monday, the 28th,.

After remembering that he met actress in an interview and that it was almost ‘love at first sight’, the Brazilian musician confessed that in November last year, when he was on the morning program of TVI, the two were already dating.

As for the time they were separated due to the quarantine caused by the pandemic of Covid-19, Vitor Kley confesses that there were many tears shed by both and that only conversations by video calls calmed the heart. “We used to sleep together,” he confesses, explaining that they fell asleep with the phones on and looking at each other.

And the future? For now, Vitor Kley will remain in Portugal, where it has been since August, but next month the singer returns to Brazil and with the company of Carolina Loureiro. “I will come back in October and she will come back with me “, she reveals.

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