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Cassiano (Henri Castelli) and Duque (Jean Pierre Noher) manage to escape on Dom Rafael’s plane (Cesar Troncoso), in ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

First, the fugitives have to cross a closed forest. While resting under a tree, Cassiano explains to his friend what the next step will be: stealing Dom Rafael’s plane. The two manage to get to the aircraft and Cassiano starts the engine. But Dom Rafael and his henchmen come by car and shoot the duo.

“We hit the tank, now it’s not going very far. We’re going to collect the remains of these idiots”, celebrates Dom Rafael.

Cassiano (Henri Castelli) tries to make a forced landing on a targeted plane – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Cassiano manages to take flight, but soon realizes that one of the passengers hit the fuel tank. Duke despairs and asks if they will fall, but the pilot shows optimism:

“We go to the ground, only in style.”

Duke begins to pray, while Cassiano tries to save their lives: “Hang on !!!”

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21 Set


Cassiano and Duque manage to escape, but are chased by Don Rafael’s henchmen. Ester and Alberto play in the pool with Samuca and Laura. Hélio finds Donato and tells his father that he is an assistant to the board of Grupo Albuquerque. Dionísio discusses with Alberto about the deactivation of the mine. Alberto does not agree with Hélio’s analysis of the mine situation and ends up arguing with Dionísio. Cassiano makes a forced landing in the pasture. Cassiano and Duque cross the swamp and are surprised by a crocodile.

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