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Remember when Cassiano found out that Aberto betrayed him:

Cassiano realizes he was betrayed by Alberto

When Cassiano arrives in his homeland, he sets foot in the house and finds Chico (Cacá Amaral). The two have a very exciting time, with the right to hugs and many tears. But the salineer has the difficult task of telling the pilot what has changed in those seven years. Realizing that Cassiano is dying to see Ester again, Chico opens the game and reveals that his ex-fiancee is married to Alberto.

Cassiano (Henri Castelli) says he needs to see Ester (Grazi Massafera) and Chico (Cacá Amaral) reveals that she and Alberto (Igor Rickli) are together – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Angrily, Cassiano leaves the house and leaves for the Albuquerques’ mansion. The pilot enters the room easily and starts shouting: “Alberto! Where are you? Appear, Alberto”. The businessman goes down the stairs and stops, appalled, at the shock of seeing the man who thought he was dead. Trying to pretend innocence, Alberto says:

“Cassiano? You don’t know how I waited for that day. Come here, brother. Give me a hug!”

Alberto (Igor Rickli) is shocked to face Cassiano (Henri Castelli) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Alex Carvalho / Globo

When Alberto approaches, Cassiano punches him in the face and knocks him down on a table. The businessman pretends to be surprised and the pilot continues to beat the traitor:

“You ended my life, you bastard.”

Ester (Grazi Massafera) screams when she sees that Cassiano (Henri Castelli) is alive – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Alex Carvalho / Globo

Cassiano manages to knock Alberto down and begins to hang him. But Esther arrives and is puzzled to see her ex-fiance in the middle of the room:

“Cassian !!!” yells Ester.

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Duque is in doubt between disembarking with Cassiano or going to Rio de Janeiro with Amaralina. Dionísio tells Samuca that he no longer wants William in his house. Ester makes it clear to Alberto that he will no longer admit Dionísio’s interferences in his life. Amaralina is thrilled to say goodbye to Duke and Cassiano. Quirino tells Samuel the reason for his resignation from Dionysus’ house. Samuel and Lindaura are startled to see the Dionysus medal on Samuca’s neck. Cassiano arrives at Vila dos Ventos and remembers the moments he lived with Ester. Juliano is ready to help Natália rent a boat to start her research. Chico and Cassiano meet again.

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