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Even after being expelled from the mansion by Esther, Cassiano appears in the hut with the hope of finding her. And that’s what happens! The owner of the NGO gets out on the spot and comes face to face with her ex-fiance. Cassiano accuses Ester of having married Alberto and she says that she looked for him in the Caribbean shortly after his disappearance. She also says she discovered that Cassiano was involved in trafficking.

“Trafficking? This is all a lie!”, Defends Cassiano.

“I brought your ashes. Do you know how I felt? That’s what I know. And it was with this story that I lived through these seven years,” says Ester.

Remember when Esther received Cassiano’s alleged ashes and heard that he was involved in trafficking:

Don Rafael invents lies to Esther about Cassian

Cassiano says it’s all Alberto’s fault and reports what really happened in Guatemala:

“You have to believe me. For seven years I was enslaved, imprisoned alive. And the only thing I thought about all this time was you. I just remembered our meeting in this cabin, our wedding, the plans we made together. “I was on the verge of death several times. But I needed to live to escape that hell. There were several frustrating escapes. But I never gave up. Seven years of trying, digging, dreaming … And my strength came from you, Esther. . ”

Cassiano (Henri Castelli) tells Ester (Grazi Massafera) who fell into the trap of Alberto (Igor Rickli) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Esther is touched by Cassiano’s words and asks why he didn’t manage to say he was alive. It is then that he says that, once, four years ago, he tried to communicate with Chico (Cacá Amaral). The blonde connects the dots and remembers that the salineiro tried to warn that the pilot was alive. “So, it’s true … Nobody believed your father.”

Cassiano insists that everything was Alberto’s setup, but she says that the businessman never spoke ill of the pilot and that her husband would never forge the death of his friend. The two argue, until Cassiano looks right into the eyes of the beloved and kisses her with passion.

Ester (Grazi Massafera) and Cassiano (Henri Castelli) kiss for the first time after seven years apart – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Will Esther choose to stay with Cassian?

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Cassiano tells Esther everything that happened during the seven years he was imprisoned in the Caribbean. Esther is confused and prefers to stay away from Cassiano. Juliano invites Natália to go out on a boat. Donato goes to the sea without Juliano, who is worried. Duque explains to Cassiano why he forged his death certificate, revealing that the intention was to save the pilot. Bibiana is terrified by the storm that is forming. Candinho meets Ariana. Alberto goes to Cassiano’s house.

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