Catarina Furtado is “very concerned with what is happening in Portugal”


Catarina Furtado.

Catarina Furtado used social media to express a situation that is bothering her. The presenter was unable to avoid talking about the media situation that is happening due to the Education for Citizenship classes and admitted that she was “concerned”. In addition, he did not fail to mention his indignation about a controversial motion that was recently presented within a party.

Read Catarina Furtado’s text on the subject here:

“I am very concerned with what is going on in Portugal and that CAN and MUST be avoided! And caught!
What citizens are we creating that are FEAR of Citizenship Education, which is, in the end, a survival guide for the human species, based on the values ​​that protect us ?!
What citizens are we creating when some arrive (!!) to propose “removing the ovaries to women who choose an abortion, as a form of punishment” ?!
I want to believe that these dark and very dangerous clouds will pass without dropping a water storm that would drown us. To us and our rights! ”


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