Ceresp de Betim records Covid-19 outbreak


According to the Health Surveillance, there were 36 confirmed cases of the disease in the prison unit, being 17 inmates and 19 security professionals.

The Prison System Relocation Center (Ceresp) in Betim, in the metropolitan region, records an outbreak of Covid-19 in the unit. In all, 36 cases were registered at the site, of which 17 were detainees and 19 public security professionals. The last confirmation was on September 18th.

According to a note from the City of Betim, teams from the Health Surveillance and the Health Surveillance of the Workers were at the prison unit on the 3rd and 20th of August for an inspection and evaluation of the conditions of the place. Health officials were notified of the outbreak on 22 July.

According to the note, several measures were taken to contain the outbreak. “Training of professionals for SWAB collection, provision of rapid testing, implementation of flow with the Laboratory of the Regional Public Hospital of Betim for the collection of RT-PCR, preparation and publication of a notice for hiring health professionals via the Simplified Selection Process (PSS ), for the implementation of the National Prison Health Policy “are among the actions developed.

Ceresp employees were instructed to maintain the necessary distance and hygiene measures, in addition to seeking care at SUS-Betim health units, if they have any symptoms. “SMS teams continue to technically accompany Ceresp in order to offer all the necessary measures to control the outbreak”, states the city hall note.


In a note, the State Secretariat of Justice and Public Security (Sejusp), through the Penitentiary Department of Minas Gerais (Depen-MG), informed that, according to the 10am survey this Friday (9/25), there are no confirmed cases among detainees at the Provisional Relocation Center (Ceresp) Betim I. “A server has been away, suspected of Covid 19, since 9/22 and awaiting the results of the exams. The first case of infected prisoners in the unit was registered on August 17. No inmates at Ceresp Betim needed to be hospitalized, “says the note.

The complete folder that several actions are being carried out “to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus in prison units in Minas Gerais, including at the Provisional Re-Management Center Betim I”, such as avoiding the circulation of prisoners for holding hearings, general cleaning and disinfection of environments, actions to reduce the circulation of professional security servers, among others.

Sejusp also informed that, if any detainee has symptoms, he is isolated, performs tests, and if there is confirmation, treatment is according to health protocols. “In all units where there are confirmed prisoners with Covid-19, the disinfection of the environment is also immediate and all other detainees start to use masks, in a preventive way. All servers are required to circulate inside the PPE units and , to them, this material is provided systematically “, says the note.

(updated at 5:30 pm with response from Sejusp)


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