Chadwick Boseman paid for Sienna Miller’s work out of his own pocket


Chadwick Boseman he took money from his own salary to pay Sienna Miller in the film ’21 Bridges’. The ‘Black Panther’ star – who died last month after a battle with cancer – took over as producer on the plot.

According to the international press, Chadwick not only interceded for Sienna, but guaranteed that his hiring would be financially sustainable by securing part of his salary payment himself.

“He produced ’21 Bridges’ and was very active to want me there “, stated the actress in an interview with Empire magazine. “I was a fan of my work, which was incredible, because [o sentimento] it was reciprocal, “he added.

“He got in touch with me, told me about the film, and it was at a time when he didn’t want to work anymore. He had worked hard and was exhausted, but then he wanted to work with him”, he confides.

Sienna also reveals that the budget required for the film was already quite large, so at the time they were unable to cover the payment it requested. “Chadwick ended up donating me part of his own salary to get the amount I asked for. He said I deserved to be paid”, complete.

At that time, Miller confesses that she was impressed by the generosity and respect of the actor. Not to mention that this attitude, in its perspective, should set an example for the film industry.

“These kinds of things just don’t happen,” he concluded.

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