Chamber approves MP that renews contract for temporary health professionals in Rio | Policy


The measure affects 3,592 professionals working in the state. These contracts would be terminated on May 31, if the MP had not been published.

As a provisional measure, the rule came into force as soon as it was issued by the federal government. However, if it is not voted in 120 days, the MP loses validity. The text expires next Thursday (24), the deadline for the analysis of senators.

According to the proposal, the extension of the contracts is valid until December 31 of this year, the date on which the state of public calamity approved by Congress ends. Initially, the government’s proposed extension period was shorter, until the end of November.

In addition, the measure only applies to contracts signed from 2018 and in force on the day the MP entered into force, that is, on May 28 of this year.

In the explanatory memorandum, the government claimed that “there would not be enough time” for the selection process and the hiring of a sufficient number of professionals, which would cause “harmful effects to the population of Rio de Janeiro, mainly due to the moment of facing the pandemic caused by Sars-Cov-2. ”

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Also according to the government, the discontinuity in the provision of health services due to the termination of contracts would generate the shutdown of federal hospitals in the state.

The rapporteur of the matter, deputy Luiz Antônio Teixeira Jr. (PP-RJ), decided to remove a section of the MP that allowed the emergency hiring of health professionals whose temporary contract has ended in the last two years.

Another change made by the parliamentarian was the inclusion of an amendment to allow the extension by the Ministry of Education, until the end of 2021, of 12 temporary contracts for architects and engineers working in the National Education Development Fund (FNDE).

According to him, the measure allows “that the FNDE is technically prepared to follow from the contracting of new works until the conclusion of those that are paralyzed or in the execution phase”.


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